Boy Oh Boys! 

This experience can’t be bought. I couldn’t have registered at the local college for classes on raising boys. Sometimes it feels like flying by the seat of my pants.. & other times it’s like a song I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. If you ever wanted a job that isn’t repetitious and boring then raise yourself a son… or four! Lol

Moments are filled with hitting and tattling and chipped teeth and busted lips and black eyes and stitches and goose eggs on the head. (By the way- everything I’ve mentioned has happend in the last 6 months!) It’s one of the toughest jobs that exists.. but also one of the most rewarding jobs. Not always rewarded with a “Thank You” or an “I appreciate you”, although my boys do have pretty good manners.

And not to get confused- I am not doing this job alone. My husband is wonderful. He helps with everything from cleaning up spills (& other things that I’m not able to clean up for a weak stomach) to cooking dinner and punishments and rewards.

But the truth is that the boys spend most of their time with me. And most of the really difficult questions (like where do babies come from and “Mommy- Can you put my bicycle chain back on?) typically happen when Hubs isn’t home. Lol

Boy, do I have some stories!! Lol Eager to share. And eager to read other stories and advice from BoyMom’s like me. I learn something new every day.

Join me on this journey. & feel free to comment and share, laugh with me & cry with me. And keep your sanitizer closeby. It’s gonna get messy.


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