Our Homeschooling Venture

I created this post on May 24, 2017. Life got crazy and significantly busier and it never got completed or published. I did make the decision to homeschool my boys. I actually pulled them out 6 weeks before the 2016-2017 school year was scheduled to end. It’s been an interesting journey…. but to this day 100% worth it. Since May of 2017 there have been several school shootings and countless school threats and lockdowns.. heightened security warnings. Things are twice as bad now as they were a year ago when I made this decision.

With all of that being said- my initial decision to take my 3 children’s education into my own hands resulted in some raised eyebrows, some negativity, and a ton of pessimism. I had people very close to me tell me I couldn’t do it. Told me I would hate staying home (I’ve always been a worker). I had people tell me I was overreacting. People who thought I was making a huge mistake… taking the boys from a social setting of any kind of school. The comments just flowed. And that was alright with me.. my mind was made up.

Getting started was a little rough. I freaked a little when I saw what 3 complete curriculums looked like:

And we have had more than one bad day…

I’ve created at least 3 different types of schedules to follow. Lol We haven’t stuck to any of them. Unfortunately, about 1 week before we were scheduled to begin our 2017-2018 school year, one of my twins broke his arm (another blog post… Lol). So everything got a little chaotic. We put lots of things on hold as he went through surgeries to repair this broken bone.

Yes, this first year has been crazy. However, all that taken into consideration, I am happy to report that relaxing a little and having a more kicked back schedule has paid off!! All 3 of the boys have actually finished a whole year’s worth of work in about 3 different subjects already (yes… this is March- there are 2 more full months before the school year ends)! We are getting ready for our first yearly homeschool evaluation and I’m already feeling that we have passed with flying colors. There are a couple subjects we skipped this year mostly because the learning materials we got with their curriculums were just not on a level that kept them interested and more importantly, they were not learning. I’m sure we will make up for these missed subjects in the next couple of years.

I feel that the boys have excelled this year. I’ll be posting more and reviewing the curriculum we chose as well as the individual subjects and materials we used amd providing our feedback in the coming weeks.

Homeschooling has become quite the trend recently, with all the crazyness going on in our school systems. I’ve become somewhat knowledgeable in the homeschooling department.. within the state of Florida anyway. I realize homeschooling is not the right option for everyone… but our short journey has been more than worth it thus far for me and my boys 😊


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