It’s a Broken Humerus Bone…

So last year I decided to homeschool my boys. See more about Our Homeschooling Venture here. In May I withdrew the boys from school, I did all the research, decided on a curriculum and purchases it, and spent the summer planning our days and weeks for the upcoming school year. Public school was due to start in our area on Thursday, August 10. It may have been a little OCD.. or it may have been that I needed that couple extra days of summer/ planning time but I decided we would begin our school year on Monday, August 14. So here I was.. just wrapping up our relaxing summer of visiting the pool several times a week ans tying up some loose ends.. when we encountered our very first broken bone. A broken femure to be more specific.

August 1st three of the boys were scheduled to see the dentist for their 6-month cleaning. I happened to have all four boys that day. Now the dentist we see is about a 45-minute ride (worth it.. he’s a very good dentist). So Mom calls and for some unearthly reason (seriously… riding to the dentist is NOT adventurous or fun) she would like to ride to the dentist with us. Of course.. I say yes.. come on over! Kinda nice when grown ups are around to talk to.

The trip to the dentist was mostly uneventful. Some news at the dentist about some cavities that need attention (woo-hoo) and we return home. Mom decides to come in and hang out (again, pretty strange… she normally don’t hang around our house a whole lot- it’s noisy Lol).

So I begin washing dishes and starting dinner. It’s close to 5 and Hubs will be heading home from work. He actually calls as I’m doing dishes at the sink. So Tommy-twin comes running into the kitchen screaming. I turn around from the sink and see his face. “What happened?!” He managed to get one word out which was “Jonathan!” This is my stepson… but the look on my child’s face told me depths and depths of a story. I immediately run… phone still to my ear. It was seriously a flash and I was at the front door. Wade-twin was standing at my open front door. I take one look at his arm.. scream.. hang up the phone nd throw it. Looking back it must have been an overload. Do you ever feel like you have too many tabs open? That happened to me. I did not juat throw the phone.. I hung up the phone and threw it. Like maybe it was OCD again. Focus. This arm needs my full, undivided attention.

Just to give a little history- Wade is the safest, most cautious child we have. His stepdad’s nickname for him a few years ago was “Safety Susan”. If my husband and I (or anybody that knows my boys for that fact) had bet money on a 1st broken bone we would have lost miserably. Wade would have been last on the list. He IS the clumsiness child we have… but certainly the safest.

So here I am… the arm looks as if it is dangling to me. So I panic for half a second. I get it together long enough to ask him to move his arm. This is what we do. Hats off to all parents right now. When our kids get hurt the first thing we ask… “Can you move it?” The answer has always been yes. Always. Until this day. I ask him to raise his arm and all I’m looking at is his shoulder. I see his shoulder move. Now down.. looking at the arm “Bub… do it one more time.” He tries. Arm no movey. O. M. G! Y’all… I don’t know how to express the panic. Mom was standing next to me. Wade wasn’t even crying until I panicked. I don’t think I ever truly knew the meaning of the word panic until August 1, 2017. Mom amd I panicked for about 5 seconds. Then Mommy-Mode kicks in again. And so does the adrenaline.

My Wade is the biggest and heaviest child I have. He was weighing about 80 lbs this day. He isn’t what I would call fat. He is stocky. Stout. I have not picked him up in probably 2 or 3 years. I liftes him into our truck. Breathe. Gotta breathe. I had to take a moment when I got behind the driver’s seat. We live about 3 miles from the hospital.. Thank Goodness! As I put the truck in reverse I saw my 2 other boys and my stepson on the porch.. their little faces crying. I feel more panic and lots of sad emotions when I see how worried these little faces are. Keep it together. I can’t tell you how much effort it took to keep my composure.

Now we’re in the truck.. we are moving. A little more panic and now poor Wade is panicking. We have GOT to remain calm. I remember hanging up on Hubby. I call him back.. put him on speaker and he talks to Wade all the way to the hospital. Wade is begging Austin to please hurry. Austin is doubting what I’ve told him (it’s broken)… but he is dodging in and out of traffic to get to his stepson.

The story. What happened? Now that stepdad is on the phone.. and we are successfully traveling to the emergency room- What happened? So the boys were jumping up onto a tree branch that they were reaching better with a cinder block. Wade wasn’t ready to let go.. but he fell and I’m assuming he fell just the wrong way.

We waited a little bit before being see. Then X-Rays. Then this…

What is this? What in the cornbread H-E-Double Hockey sticks is this? These are some of my reactions at seeing this photo in the emergency room. Whose arm is that? What in the world? Panic has left.. and shock is taking over. Disbelief is an understatement. We are spending the night at the hospital.. and surgery will take place sometime tomorrow.

I couldn’t look at this picture for a long time. I posted it on Facebook for my family and asked for prayers (for surgery) and some people thought it was a joke. They asked if the picture was real. I panicked a little more after seeing this… and decided I would not be looking at the picture any more in the coming weeks… I had Mom sruff to do.

I don’t know where this Mom stuff comes from. If you’ve ever been there.. then you know what I’m talking about. I learned about Fight or Flight in anatomy in college. I guess I’ve just never seen or felt it in action.

Mom brings brothers after a while. I could not wait to see my Tommy. I couldn’t get that little panicked, scared look from my kitchen out of my mind. I was so relieved when he got there and I could tell him that yes, your brother broke his arm.. but he is going to be alright.

I think this is my favorite picture in almost 10 years.. this one ♡

I also love this next one. The couch was the most comfortable place for Wade to sleep to ensure he did not roll onto his arm. So twin brother Tommy spent a night or two on the couch…

Sooo.. a cast wasn’t ideal. The surgeon explained that a cast to repair a humerus bone would have to encase the femure, lower arm, and all the way up to the neck. Apparently, keeping a broken humerus bone still so that it can grown back is challenging. So he placed 2 flexible, titanium rods. For the curious… see below:

The idea was to keep the bones still so new bone could grow amd reconnect the pieces. Yes… we have these rods now at home amd they will be part of a scapbook… eventually.

My twins turned 9 on August 11. Wade spent this birthday, as well as the next 6 weeks or so in an arm sling.

Another surgery was necessary in October to remove the rods. I wasn’t thrilled about Wade going under again but I knew it had to be done.

In December-ish Wade was cleared to ride a bike again… carefully & mostly return to normal activities. I’m happy to report that to see him now you would not know the arm was broken.. and he is still as clumsy as ever 😊


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