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Earning Screen Time… Oh Yea!! 

So after lots of Pinterest and research we are earning screen time and we are also getting seriously grounded. Lol So far I think I love it! 

Several weeks ago all the boys & I sat down and they gave me “The Rules”. I like to involve them because they know the rules (none of the rules pictured were mine.. All theirs!). I also involve them because when a violation occurs it isn’t a violation of MY rules.. it’s their rules that they know & remember.

Earning screen time is becoming quit popular. And I loved the concept because summer’s feel a bit out of control. We kinda relax on some of the rules and get a little laid back. This is wonderful, of course. But it isn’t great for TV time and tablet time that we are usually pretty strict about. 

Kinda off subject- but I’ve drcided to homeschool the boys beginning in August 2017. Not a decision that I can be talked or “scared” out of. & not a decision I made lightly. In any case.. everytime I say this to people the 1st question is: “Are you going to do virtual school?” In case you aren’t up on all homeschooling lingo- virtual school is online in a virtual classroom with a teacher on the other end of the line. 

For several reasons I’ve chosen not to do virtual homeschooling at this time. Primarily because it put all the boys in front of a computer for several hours per day. 

While I do believe they should be knowledgeable in technology, I also believe lots of people these days are missing their whole lives due to technology. Head always stuck in a phone or tablet or even TV. People have less person-to-person interaction these days and I truly feel that my childrens’ generation is seriously getting ripped off. 

You know the sayings: When I was a kid we played outside. We climbed trees. We rode our bikes. Think about these things- they’re all true!! We knew our siblings and our cousins and our friends. We knew who they were and what they liked to do. Nowadays kids know what their siblings like to play on the XBox. Lol They don’t have a clue what their favorite color is. This is a serious dilemma that we don’t want to be part of. Lol

To make it crafty & fun I let the boys personalize their screen-time “wallets”. Lol

So the grounded clip board stays put up. I think avoiding negativity may have positive results. So we will only pull out the grounded point system when it is needed. The idea is that the boys have to earn points to not be grounded anymore. Everything I’ve found says 500 points. So I’m prepared for 500 point penalties; however, I have a feeling we will be doing less than 500-point punishments. 

Instead of nice, shiny marbles they earn for screen time the ‘Uh Oh’ bowl has 100 rocks in it, each worth 5 points. When someone gets grounded they get 100 rocks in their bowl & they have to do chores to get “points” to get the rocks out of their bowl & get back to earning screen time.

The screen time idea was great so far! My house isn’t as clean as if I had cleaned it, BUTTT look at my living room:

If you have boys then you know the boys’ room is pretty daggum clean:

And this is the boys bathroom (again… not too my standards.. but not too bad considering a 7-year-old & two 8-year-olds cleaned! 

Yep… I did nothing except hand out screen time 🙂 Pretty impressive. 


Sleepwalking Nightmare

2 words: Oh Boy!! So this didn’t start off as a funny story. It started as pretty daggum aggravated story. But feel free to laugh.. it’s quite funny looking back. 

So the boys are usually a little hard to wake up.. a little fuzzy when they fall asleep on the couch on I try to get them to their beds. There is normally some confusion. But honestly, nobody in our house sleepwalks that I’m aware of. Usually when I wake up to a little face standing over my bed they are wide awake and not confused at all. They know what they want and they ask for it.. right after I get my heart out of my throat and back in my chest. 

So fresh off of vacation.. the gang’s all back together at home. It’s been rough.. but I’m going to survive. Lol All the boys pile up on the couch to watch two movies they’ve picked out and agreed on. Halfway through the first movie I wake up 3 of them.. we do the confusing state for a few minutes and they’re off to bed. But not Brayden. 

No sir! This guy will stay up for a week straight if he can just watch movies. 

He was still very awake and watching the movie. I let him stay up. Lucky for him, I was suffering from insomnia and was up blogging until about 2:00 a.m. 

So the end of the second movie arrives. He is laying beside me on the couch.. asleep. Now that I’m also a little drowsy I decide to wake him up.. face the confusion.. guide him to  bathroom to avoid any accidents.. then off to bed. 

Upon waking Brayden I realize there has already been an accident. He hasn’t had one probably in 6 months. But here we are… all laid back, summer mode.. just got off of vacation. He probably “had too much to drink” today. Little irritated but nothing I can’t handle. I get him up on his feet and let him know he needs to go change his PJ’s. He heads for the bedroom. I begin my search for fabric cleaner (later to discover it’s outside in my husband’s truck.. & it’s raining outside!!) This 2 a.m. adventure is quickly escalating and I’m feeling a little more than irritated.

After Brayden got into his bedroom he shut the door. This is weird. We don’t shut doors.. especially at night. So.. I break away from the search and go see what’s up. I open his door. He is standing there just inside the room. Still in the PJ’s I last saw him in. Hmmm. What in the world? I don’t know. So I ask him- what are you doing, Brayden? He makes several attempts to explain. He says something about a beeping noise. Words are slurred and jumbled. DEFINITELY too much to drink! Haha!

I finally cut him off and speak slowly. Clearly, he is still confused. I ask him to please change out of these PJ’s and underclothes into clean ones and then please take the dirty ones to the laudry room (right next to his bedroom… seriously wasn’t asking a whole lot). I assumed we were both on the same page so I returned to search for my cleaner to scrub the couch.

I’m looking on every surface in our home. I’ve turned our bedroom light on twice (waking the dog but not Austin). I just saw the cleaner not 5 hours ago! Where has it gone? Back to the kitchen. I grab a dishcloth still looking on every counter for about the 5th time! I step out of the kitchen and head for the living room (again)! As soon as my foot steps into the living room I realize Brayden is standing naked in the hallway just outside his room, right in front of the CLEAN laundry TUB (this isn’t a basket.. this is a TUB where 4 kids clean clothes can all be piled together!). Oh my. 

It takes a moment to register what is happening. Yes, that’s what I thought- he is peeing on the clean clothes! Drowsiness is immediately gone. Not tired at all as I get closer to the laundry basket and realize it’s half full! A quick clean up just turned into a whole nother load of laundry. Yay!

I ask Brayden what he is doing. He tells me several times that he doesn’t know. By this time I’m thinking about having a drink. 3:00 in the morning. To aggravated to sleep! Haha!

Anywho, after waking Austin to retrieve the cleaner from wherever he’s put it (in his truck), cleaning the couch, & starting some laundry I think it’s safe to say that I’ve survived my very first sleepwalking nightmare. Also safe to say Brayden officially has a liquid ration for the next few days and also a summer bedtime of about 9:00 p.m. so he doesn’t get this tired again. Lmbo!

What’s So Special About Boy Moms?

My honest opinion is that all Mom’s are special. Making sacrifices and constantly using your time to raise children is special. In many cases, Moms stay home to raise children while Dads go to work. Although I’ve always had a full time job (until recently) I’ve always taken my hat off for SAHM’s. It’s not an easy job.. for any mom.

Raising boys is tough! They are stubborn. And hard-headed. And usually “all boy”. Climbing on the hand rails, riding their bikes too fast, running on the wet pool deck. It is a constant struggle to keep them out of stitches and casts and avoid the emergency room. Seriously. 

My husband has conversations with me that I never heard. Or I don’t remember. And that is usually because he does not have my attention. I’m too busy counting heads at the beach or the park. Or stopping somebody from walking into oncoming traffic. 

I think BoyMom’s are special because boys are boys. It’s not always easy to keep them safe. Studies have shown boys are more active than girls. Unfortunately, all that action is usually wreckless. And when you have a pile of boys the wrecklessness outweighs any ground rules you’ve laid down. I speak from experience.

I often think about my relationship with my mom. I’m really close to her. We have our moments.. but we pretty much talk on the phone at least once a day. I usually see her at least 3 times a week. I think most women are pretty close with their moms. This concerns me because I don’t want to imagine a time when I’m not close with my boys. I’m not looking forward to giving up my throne to another woman (or four in my case). 

To all parents: has it crossed your mind that you’re raising someone’s husband or wife? Someone’s son-in-law or daughter-in-law? What about someone’s mom or dad? It’s pretty serious. What we’re teaching our kids today is what they will take with them through their lives. I’m pretty confident that I’m teaching them things I’ll be proud of for years to come.

Boy Oh Boys! 

This experience can’t be bought. I couldn’t have registered at the local college for classes on raising boys. Sometimes it feels like flying by the seat of my pants.. & other times it’s like a song I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. If you ever wanted a job that isn’t repetitious and boring then raise yourself a son… or four! Lol

Moments are filled with hitting and tattling and chipped teeth and busted lips and black eyes and stitches and goose eggs on the head. (By the way- everything I’ve mentioned has happend in the last 6 months!) It’s one of the toughest jobs that exists.. but also one of the most rewarding jobs. Not always rewarded with a “Thank You” or an “I appreciate you”, although my boys do have pretty good manners.

And not to get confused- I am not doing this job alone. My husband is wonderful. He helps with everything from cleaning up spills (& other things that I’m not able to clean up for a weak stomach) to cooking dinner and punishments and rewards.

But the truth is that the boys spend most of their time with me. And most of the really difficult questions (like where do babies come from and “Mommy- Can you put my bicycle chain back on?) typically happen when Hubs isn’t home. Lol

Boy, do I have some stories!! Lol Eager to share. And eager to read other stories and advice from BoyMom’s like me. I learn something new every day.

Join me on this journey. & feel free to comment and share, laugh with me & cry with me. And keep your sanitizer closeby. It’s gonna get messy.