Meet The Boys

These handsome handfuls are the ones that I call mine ♡♡♡♡

My twins were the first true moment I gave away pieces of my heart. They are 8 years old now. I love them 8 years more than I did the day they arrived. & they stole my heart from the moments they arrived.

My first born is Wade. Even from pregnancy this child has always been laid back. Observer. Intelligent. He is the most responsible of all my boys. I don’t have favorites. I love all of my children equally. But I tell people that God gave me Wade as a gift for all the hard times I would have with my other 3.

Wade’s twin brother showes up 15 minutes after Wade. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life & one of the scariest time periods I’ve ever experienced. Although I delivered they beautiful twins, they had to come via operating room. Until I was expecting twins it had never occurred to me that once Baby A has arrived Baby B has a whole world of space that opens up, for flips and turns… & possibly breach. Fortunately for us, this did not happen. But the waiting was awful. So Tommy is pretty much opposite his twin. He dives head first without checking the direction of the wind and without looking back. A great way to describe this child is he started Kindergarten with 3 staples in his head, thanks to his temper. He’s rough around the edges. He’s the last one that will admit that he needs his Mommy. But also very tender-hearted and caring.

So at my twins 1st birthday party we got a BIG surprise. We got a positive pregnancy test. Initially, I hoped for a girl. You know, even out the balance at home. I can’t say I was ever disappointed to learn that I was having another boy. I only wanted a healthy baby. The moment I saw my Brayden I knew I didn’t need or want a girl. My heart  complete  (or so I thought at the time).

This is my Baby. My Brayden. Yes, he was and is still just as sweet as he looks in this picture. He is the true baby of the family. Baby of a family of boys at that! He has family nicknames from a few relatives- some call him The Monster and others call him Rattlesnake. He is a Taurus. And he’s learned to hold his own. But he has the biggest heart of every person that lives in my home. Me included. Definitely rough around the edges. Brayden does every thing  hard way. I delivered twins and ended up having gestational diabetes with Brayden. So complications were plentiful. Not to mention, I had 20-month-old twins and a failing 1st marriage. In an effort to avoid Brayden getting too big and risking a c-section after twins, I opted to be induced. A very long time after the start of induction I was put under for a failed epidural and sweet little Brayden was born via c-section. The traditional bikini cut would not due. 3 minutes was too long. So Brayden came out the old-fashioned way, up & down cesarean. And I woke after an hour and a half from general anesthesia with a newborn, 20-month-old twins, & 22 staples. Brayden is 7 years old now and still lives his life the hard way. He learns most lessons the hard way… after trying several attempts of the wrong way- he always gets it right. He pushes me to the very edge at times. And I wouldn’t change a hair on his head.

After my 3 babies were here I thought my life was complete. With or without their father in my life or their lives.. they have always been my #1’s. I had no idea that a stepson would move into my heart.

Jonathan is exactly 9 months older than my twins. He was born at the end of the year, so he and my twins started school at the same time. I met my husband and Jonathan just before Jonathan’s 4th birthday. He is now 9 years old. I tell people that Jonathan is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. & this is true. He was an only child when he came into our lives. He joined 3 younger boys that had never been alone, without siblings. Jonathan also does not deal well with any kind of change. He has lived in my home with his dad and me and my boys since he was 6 years old. He has broken parts of my heart I didn’t know I had- this is how I know he has my heart. After almost 5 years, I am happy to say that we are closer than ever. I know how much he means to me.. & he is finally realizing how much I mean to him. He is much like my Tommy. Head first into everything. Act now.. ask questions later. We’ve had our moments… but he is turning out to be an amazing big brother to my boys. Leading them in the wrong direction at times, but creating opportunities for me to teach him & all 3 of his stepbrothers about life lessons that they learn and remember and take with them. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without Jonathan. He has changed us all… for the better.

Now you know a little about BoyMom struggles. Each of my boys with different personalities and needs and likes and wants. This journey is hectic and crazy and amazing and hurtful and happy and sad and mad. It is everything but dull or boring. It is my most important job.. & my biggest pleasure ♡♡♡♡


Raising boys in Survival Mode.

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