Its A Dirty Job…


“It’s a dirty job” is an understatement. Those meme’s that say raising boys ain’t for the faint of heart are completely accurate. They are wonderful, little creatures… but they are rough around the edges. Tough to say the least. They will hurt your feelings and break your heart. More than once.


There will not be days spent at the salon with your boys… each of you getting manicures or pedicures. You won’t spend hours brushing and styling hair (I can’t remember the last time I brushed anyone’s hair but mine LOL). They won’t play, safely tucked away in their peaceful bedrooms, with Barbie dolls and play kitchens (maybe I’m a bit off describing a day in the life of a girl Mom… I haven’t had a small girl in my home for more than one night and that was several years ago).


I imagine raising girls is no easy task, but it certainly looks like cake-eating from where I sit. After all, I am a girl. And I distinctly recall spending hours with my Barbie’s (I had at least 20- I was an only child). I never needed stitches growing up (not until I started driving, anyway). I was never in a cast. And I don’t think I’ve ever had a black eye due to injury. LOL My mom got pretty lucky.


Now my boys, on the other hand, have been in stitches, black eyes, busted lips, smashed fingernails and toenails. You name it! And they are all under 10!! It’s a crazy ride. A crazy, wonderful, messy, dirty ride.



Raising boys in Survival Mode.